Introducing Intermarine.

Business Fields

Intermarine's business fields

Intermarine Co., Ltd. is constantly striving to develop aquatic products that the final consumer can enjoy most comfortably and safely through organic and systematic system and continuous product development that connects to overseas import/export, processing, distribution, and shopping malls in the marine products field.

  • Overseas im/export business

    Imports and processes marine products from major countries such as Russia, Indonesia, and China, as well as domestic coastal seafood, and exports them to Japan, Thailand and North America.

  • circulation

    Equipped with a distribution system necessary for wholesale and retail, price competitiveness and product quality are improved.

  • Processing

    Products are processed and produced by domestic HACCP (Hazard Element Critical Control Company) certified companies and processing companies equipped with an overseas professional hygiene management system.


Main Items of Intermarine

Intermarine Co., Ltd. handles a variety of seafood including grilled crabs, sushi toppings, and other seafood products with large crabs as its main products, and the excellence of its products has been verified by excellent domestic and foreign customers.

  • Crab

    Various other crab processed products such as snow crab,
    snow crab, and red crab

  • Sushi

    A variety of sushi topping products such as octopus,
    Rapana venosa flesh, smoked salmon, longjaw rockfish, eel

  • Seafood

    Various seafood products such as various shrimp,
    mussels, jukkumi, mussel meat